Dr Anne Donnet

Hôpital de la Timone
264 Rue Saint-Pierre
13385Marseille Cedex 5

Pain Department

The department is dedicated to evaluate and treat pain. It helps patients through diagnosis, evaluations of bio-psycho-social chronic pain syndromes, multidisciplinary follow-up,  multi-professional approach and individualized care.


 Publications of the pain Center aim :

  • Clinical characteristics of patients with cluster headache evolving on chronic modality
  • Safety evaluation of cardiac patients with cluster headache and treated with high doses of verapamil
  • Clinical characteristics of patients with headache hypnic
  • Monitoring patients with idiopathic intracranial hypertension treated with venous stent
  • Thinking about the pathophysiology of stress headaches.

Recent research works focus on clinical trials of new treatments crisis of migraine, clinical trials of surgical treatment of drug-resistant cluster headaches and labeled idiopathic headache origins.

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Recent works

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